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Updated on June 10, 2024

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There are 2 ways, order with dealer code or order when logging into your dealer account. You order at the dealer's price. You sell at a premium and that's where you make a profit.

1. Order With A Dealer Account (Login Needed)  2 Minutes Video Guide
*The guide is for dealers only. Do not share it with others.


2. Order With A Dealer Code



Latest Events:

Join in our prize-winning challenge by placing orders for OREALAUTO floor mats between May 1st and June 30th. Dealers who order 15 sets are entitled to receive one 18QT Cooler Box, while those who order 30 sets will receive two.
* Orders placed using the dealer discount or through the affiliate link are both eligible for this challenge.
* Please note that this challenge only pertains to orders for floor mats; orders for cargo mats will not be included in the tally.
* After the event, we will distribute giveaways to dealers who have met the requirements.


Other FAQs:

1. How do OREALAUTO floor mats compare to leading competitors such as WeatherTech?
OREALAUTO offers quality mats at a much more affordable price. The retail price is $139.99 instead of $200+. In addition, we provide warranty terms covering everything you care about. For factory defects and model fitment. Plus a free replacement for crack/tear within a year.

2. The model I want is not in your catalog.
No problem. You can request this model by emailing us with the form below. Here's how it works: First, submit the specific model details you're interested in by email/text message. Our sales team will forward your request to the engineering department for review. The engineering team will assess the feasibility of adding the model, considering factors like expected demand. Based on this evaluation, we will decide whether to include the new product. If approved, we will notify you through our newsletter once the model is available. Please note that this process may take several months.

Didn't find the model you want? Request for a new model.
Make Model Year Seat
Other specifications (eg. 2 door/4 door, bench/bucket seat, SuperCab/SuperCrew if with detailed model)

3. How to use affiliate links?
If you prefer for your clients to order directly rather than through you, sharing an affiliate link is a great option. You'll earn a commission on purchases made through your link. You promote OREALAUTO and share your affiliate link on platforms like Facebook or Instagram. Then, sit back, wait for orders, and receive your commission payment. It's as easy as that! [Login to check your affiliate link] [Download a guide for affiliate link]

4. What is the difference between a dealer discount and an affiliate link?
A dealer discount is for you to order products for your clients at the dealer price. Do not share the discount code or password with your clients, as this is meant for dealer use only. Always use your email address when placing a dealer order to receive notifications about the order and pricing.

An affiliate link is meant to be shared with clients. They can use it to order products at the retail price. You will earn a commission on purchases made through your link.

5. What's the shipping cost?
All the dealer prices are shipping included. In other words, it is free shipping.

6. How long does it take to arrive?
Order handling takes a working day. We ship from California with FedEx Ground. Normally it takes 3-5 working days for shipping transit. It may take longer during peak seasons.

7. What is the price for bulk purchases?
The minimum quantity is 30 sets with at least 10 for every single model. The price depends on the models, quantities, and of course on the shipping cost, so it is calculated case by case. Please email us the model and quantity you want. We'll reply to you with a quote and discuss with more details.

8. Do you have banners or brochures for dealers to promote?
Sure. Email us at if you need any. You may also find the documents in the above section helpful.

Need help? Email us at

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