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The interior of your vehicle in prime condition is not the easiest task to manage. From tracking mud, dirt, snow, or debris from your shoes to accidental spills of coffee, tea, or your choice of roadside, sometimes the damage that you are inflicting onto your floorboards is out of your control--especially so if you've got any kids. That’s why floor liners are a necessity if you want to prevent damage to your vehicle’s interior. The two leading manufacturers of floor liners, Orealauto and Weathertech Liners, face off in this VS Review.

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Price Comparison

Admittedly, Weathertech Liners is the more widely known brand for floor mats, but Orealauto offers similar floorboard protection and quality, often at a lower price. Orealauto price drops by $50. In addition, you can enjoy 15% off in orealauto for your first order.


Material Comparison

TPE (thermoplastic elastomer)Orealauto opts for TPE (thermoplastic elastomer). It is latex-free, odorless, and contains no PVCs, lead, or any other harmful compounds. The material is also 100 percent recyclable. What’s more, it resists cracking, curling, or hardening even in sub-zero temperatures.



Custom Fit Comparison

Orealauto fit almost any vehicle - Orealauto floor mats are laser measured, customized to fit almost any vehicle, laser measured to fit your vehicle's floorboard dimensions "like a glove!"

Not all models fit - Weathertech floor mats may be too large or beyond the doorframe or too small to leave a gap, which requires self-modification, is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Worst of all, it may cause part of your car's interior design to be blocked and unusable.



Clean Comparison

Both are easy to clean, just a few simple steps, without maintenance, the durability of the product itself can be maintained for a long time.

  1. Remove your all-weather floor mats by unhooking them from the floor.
  2. Simply lay the mats (face-up) on the ground.
  3. Wet the mats then apply a mild or car-specific detergent.
  4. Only by simply shaking or using a common hose.
  5. It’s best to allow the rubber floor mats to air-dry, or a microfiber towel.
  6. Return the mats to your vehicle and re-attach to the floor.


Edge Comparison

Maximum spill protection - Orealauto has more coverage and Higher Edge (extend up behind the brake pedal and accelerator), considering the outdoor needs, Orealauto designs floor mats with more coverage and higher edge. 

Easy to roll the edge, not wear-Weathertech's floor mats are prone to rolled edges due to non-fitting edges.


👉Which Is The Best?

Orealauto products are made of environmentally friendly good materials and have passed the ROHS test of the European Union. Our products are exported to the Middle East, Southeast Asia, North America, South America, Australia, New Zealand, and other regions and countries. Our products complying with international quality standards are greatly appreciated in a variety of different markets throughout the world.


  • Custom-fit
  • Cheaper of the two brands
  • Tough material that won’t wear out in this millennia
  • No odor (yes this is a problem for some rubber mats)
  • Highest sidewalls to contain spills
  • Most comprehensive vehicle model coverage
  • A lifetime warranty


  • The tough thermoplastic can get a little slick when wet in areas without the ridges


Weathertech was founded in 1989 by current CEO David MacNeil, who did not appreciate the quality of vehicle floor mats as they did not well-contain dirt and were not easy to clean. His company began importing accessories made in England and selling them in the United States when in 1994 he found a contract manufacturer and then opened his first plants in the Chicago suburbs.


  • Available in different colors
  • Best grip available with the mats
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Expensive
  • Don’t contain spills quite as well, with shorter lips around the edge
  • The floor mats are thin, the edge is easy to roll the edge, not wear-resistant
  • Aren’t made for as many vehicles as the Orealauto, and have a tendency not to fit into the latest car models as it comparatively supports older automobile models more

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