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Owner: Chris Russell
Address: 1844 N Laurel Rd, London, KY 40741
Contact: (606) 712-4199

Introduction to Chris's Business:
Daylight 2 Dark Window Tinting specializes in car detailing and window tinting for vehicles, residential homes, and commercial offices/stores. On an average day, they handle 4-6 car appointments.


Daylight2Dark Window Tinting dealer case study of OREALAUTO mats


I think Orealauto floor mats are comparable to WeatherTech products and other competing brands. They effectively contain spills, mud, and dirt, making our job much easier. The best part is they offer similar quality at half the price, which is unbeatable.

Since becoming a dealer in March, I’ve sold 10 to 15 mats and everything has been fabulous. Our customers love them. No issue so far.

Orealauto takes great care of us as dealers with various promotions, challenges, and prizes. I've requested specific car mats, and within a couple of weeks, you delivered. The responsiveness and continuous updates are excellent.



I find Orealauto floor mats to be a great upsell for my detailing and tinting business. I tell my clients they can have these great quality mats for $139.99 instead of $200 or even $400 from well-known brands. I display the mats in the office so my clients can see and feel the quality before they make a purchase.

Another effective pitch is, How about spending $139.99 to save $150 every time you spill something or your kids get in with muddy shoes or eat in the car?” We charge $159 just to use our extractor for such clean-ups. Having these great coverage floor mats is a great value for my clients.

I always take good care of my clients. It's not about the money; it's about building great relationships with our customers. By offering trustworthy products and services, we build a strong customer base. I believe the money will follow if we stick with our great work and take care of our customers.


Daylight2Dark Window Tinting dealer case study of OREALAUTO mats
Daylight2Dark Window Tinting dealer case study of OREALAUTO mats
Daylight2Dark Window Tinting dealer case study of OREALAUTO mats


We appreciate your outstanding sales performance. Your dedication to building your business with integrity will certainly help you grow and achieve a great word-of-mouth reputation.

Recommending OREALAUTO mats to your clients can truly help them save money. It is a genuinely great product for your clients. While it may impact your profit slightly, as Chris says, it is an excellent way to earn your clients' trust. We believe this approach will help you build a better client community.

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