• 1. Do you have product for my vehicle?


  • The majority of our products are vehicle specific, so the best way to see if our products will fit your ride, please visit our website at https://www.orealauto.com/ and use our vehicle lookup tool located in slideshow.


  • 2. When will I receive my tracking number for my order?


  • Once an order is received, it typically takes 24 to 48 hours (1-2 business days) for the product to ship out. Once the product ships, you will receive the tracking information via e-mail. On occasion the tracking e-mails can be seen as SPAM so be sure and check this folder as well.


  • 3. I see you have liners for Crew and  Extended Cab trucks, why won’t these fit in my Standard Cab? 


  • Standard Cab trucks (aka Regular Cab Trucks) often do have different shaped floor pans than the extended length trucks. This is often related to the fact that the “back seat” area has additional ventilation to heat or cool them. The duct work for directing airflow to the back is generally under the floor pans which causes the reshaped floor. 


  • 4. I don’t see my car model vehicle listed, will you be adding models?


  • It is possible that you have a new model. We are developing auto accessories for these new models. The website https://www.orealauto.com/ has not updated these informations in time. For details, you could end us an email (sale@orealauto.com) for consultation.